Cerami, The city built on the rock

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IMG_6389 2

photographer: phSicily

place: Cerami (EN)

info: Center colonized by the Greeks, who gave it the current name of Cerami, built on the rock, the first human settlements of which it is traced, are traced back to the second millennium BC .; the first housing nucleus is traced near the Grottette district. Even today, there are rooms dug into the rock that recall the typical houses of the Sicans and Sicels. Among the findings: grave goods, hourglass, ringed aurettos, clay horns, materials from the ‘siceliota bronze’ age, as well as works where today is the historical center of the city, dating back to IV-II aC, today they are partly exposed to the museum archaeological site of Enna. During the First Punic War the Romans built a village there, later called ‘Castrum’ and, in the ancient internal road Messina-Palermo, a bridge was built on the river, called “Vecchio”, which is said to have been crossed by Cicero, although the current forms would make it back to medieval times. Important to visit the ruins of the medieval castle and the abbey church, which houses a Gaginesque statue and a painting by Velasquez. On the many Annunziata interesting the prehistoric necropolis with Greek-Roman superimposition.


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