Taormina, city of the Sicels

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photographer: phSicily


Taormina, was inhabited since the Archaic period, by the Siculi and by the inhabitants of “Zancle”; in 403 BC it was the scene of further immigration from nearby Naxos, destroyed by Dionisio, tyrant of Syracuse. Later it was occupied by the Greeks, but in 34 a. C., became a federated city of the Romans and Octavian founded a colony there. In the Middle Ages it underwent the Arabic denominations but in 1079 it was occupied by the Normans, who had many Basilian monasteries erected in the area. The Normans, just disembarked, found themselves faced with the problem of healing the terrible wounds of the war. In this task they were excellent, proving to be one of the most enlightened dynasties of the time, starting a new era of prosperity for Sicily. The local population actively participated in the War of the Vespers, supporting the Aragonese contender; in 1734 it was subjected to the domination of the Bourbons, which ended only with the Expedition of the Thousand. The Garibaldini arrived in Taormina on August 3, 1860, under the command of Nino Bixio, who slept in the house of Baron Giovanni Platania; moreover, in the autumn of the same year, Sicily was annexed to Piedmont and therefore to the Kingdom of Italy.


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