Yellow and Green Nicosia (EN)

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photographer: PhSicily


Nicosia Nẹcọscia in local gallo-italic, Nicusìa in Sicilian is an Italian town of 13.899 inhabitants of the province of Enna in Sicily and is home to diocese.

Nicosia rises on the slopes of four cliffs on which the ruins of the medieval castle stand out. Nicosia, “City of St. Nicholas”, was supposedly founded by the Byzantines around the seventh century. Between the snows and the woods of the Madonie and Nebrodi, a hilly territory insinuates that already fascinated the Arabs (“Oppidum Sarracenorum”), the Norman Count Ruggero d’Altavilla and the Swabian Emperor Frederick II.

Ruggero repopulated Nicosia with Lombard people who gave the city a very special Gallo-Italic dialect, still spoken by adults. Frederick II enriched the culture and art of the city. Nicosia was “City Demaniale” since the twelfth century possessing numerous fiefs and increasing its architectural and artistic heritage that, running through the Renaissance and the Baroque era, reaches up to 800 with the refined noble buildings of the “city of 24 Barons” .


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