Church of Sant’Agostino – Taormina (ME)

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Photographer: phSicily


Piazza IX Aprile is Taormina’s most elegant “living room”.
Characteristic are the outdoor bars and artists who paint portraits and landscapes.
From the balcony you can admire a magnificent panorama that embraces Mount Etna, the bay of Naxos and the ruins of the ancient theater of Taormina.
The square is so called because on April 9, 1860, during a mass in the cathedral of Taormina, rumors spread that Garibaldi had landed in Marsala to start from the liberation of the Bourbons from Sicily.
The news turned out to be false: in fact, Garibaldi would have landed in Marsala only a month later, that is May 9.
The Taorminesi also wanted to remember that date, dedicating it to the most beautiful square in the city.
Before then, the square was called Piazza Sant’Agostino, named after the church built in 1448 and occupying one side of the square.
The church is today the seat of the Municipal Library.

Another religious building is on Piazza IX Aprile.
This is the church of San Giuseppe, built in the seventeenth century.
The church is still open to worship and is entrusted to the Salesian Fathers.
It represents a beautiful example of Sicilian baroque.
Of great beauty is the double staircase located in front of the entrance.
The most important building of the square is certainly the tower, called the Clock.
Built in the twelfth century, it was repeatedly destroyed over time, but was always rebuilt.


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