The mafia kills, silence as well – Piana degli Albanesi (PA)

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photographer: phSicily


Giuseppe Impastato, better known as Peppino was born in Cinisi, in the province of Palermo, January 5, 1948, from a mafia family: his father Luigi was sent to the border during the fascist period, his uncle and other relatives were mafia and his father’s brother-in-law was the capomafia Cesare Manzella, killed in 1963 in an ambush in his Alfa Romeo Giulietta stuffed with TNT. The boy soon broke off relations with his father, who chased him away, and started an anti-political political-cultural activity. In 1965 he founded the journal The socialist idea and joined the PSIUP . From 1968 onwards he participated as a leader in the activities of the communist groups. It leads the struggles of the dispossessed peasants for the construction of the third runway of the Palermo airport in the territory of Cinisi, the construction workers and the unemployed. In 1976 he founded the Music and Culture group, which performs cultural activities (film club, music, theater, debates, etc.); in the same year he founded Radio Aut, a self-financed free radio station, which denounces the crimes and affairs of the mafia in Cinisi and Terrasini, first of the capomafy Gaetano Badalamenti (called “Tano Seduto” by Peppino ), who played a role prominent in international drug trafficking, through the control of Punta Raisi airport. The most popular program was Mad Wave on Mafia, satirical transmission in which Peppino mocked mobsters and politicians. In 1978 he was a candidate in the list of Democrazia Proletaria in the municipal elections, but did not have time to know the outcome of the vote because, after several warnings that he had ignored, during the election campaign he was murdered on the night between 8 and 9 May. With his corpse was staged an attack, to destroy even the image, in which the same victim appeared as suicidal, placing a charge of TNT under his body lying on the tracks of the railway. A few days later the Cinisi voters still vote for his name, succeeding in symbolically electing him to the City Council. The last rally of Impastato, May 7, 1978 Press, law enforcement agencies and the judiciary spoke of a terrorist act in which the bomber was killed, and of suicide after the discovery of a letter, which in reality did not reveal suicidal intentions. The crime, which took place in the middle of the night, went almost unnoticed because in those very same hours the lifeless body of Christian Democrat president Aldo Moro was found in via Caetani in Rome.


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